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NEW FLOWLINE LO10-1305 OPTIC SENSOR LO101305 1508 RB Call us anytime at 855-705-0565

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Flowline LO10-1305 Optic Leak Detection Pp Sensor Short 12-36VDC

The optic switch is an excellent choice for leak detection applications in and around the secondary containment vessel of sumps, tanks and pipes. The sensor can be applied in a broad range of liquids including sulfuric acid, jet fuel and de-ionized water. The relay output provides a reliable switch interface with remote devices such as […]

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Flowline LO10-1305 Polypropylene Switch-Tek Optic Leak Detection Switch, Short, 3/4" NPT

The general purpose optic leak switch provides reliable leak detection in and around secondary containment sumps, tanks and piping systems with a 1A relay output. Media examples include sulfuric acid, water and diesel. The submersible polypropylene liquid leak detection sensor is mounted through the wall or within the interstitial space. The optic leak detection switch […]

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