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Flowline Inc Flowline Universal Polypropylene Ultrasonic Level Switch Polypropylene LU10-1405

intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments, this FLOWLINE Switch-Tek ultrasonic level switch is ideal for high or low liquid level detection of chemicals, low viscosity petroleum-based liquids, or solvents with a 1A relay output. Model can be mounted through the tank wall or inside the tank, and connected to a PLC or relay controller. […]

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Flowline LU10-1405 Polypropylene Switch-Tek Ultrasonic Level Switch, Long, 3/4" NPT

CSA approved for hazardous environments, the intrinsically safe ultrasonic point level switch provides reliable liquid level detection of chemical, solvent, hydrocarbon and petroleum based liquids with a 1A relay output. Media examples include fuel, acetone and hydrochloric acid. The submersible polypropylene or PFA liquid level sensor is universally mounted through the tank wall or inside […]

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