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Qisuw Non-contact Water Liquid Level Sensor Switch Detector - For Pipe Tank DC5-24V NPN

Non-contact Water Liquid Level Sensor Switch Detector for Pipe Tank DC5-24V NPN Product Feature ❤ XKC-Y26-NPN suitable for non-metal pipe wall, and do not need to contact the liquid, will not corrode by strong acid, strong alkali, and other corrosive liquid. Will not affected by incrustation or other impurities. ❤It achieves non-contact detection of the […]

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Taidacent Non Contact Fuel Level Sensor capacitive Sensor Pipe Water Level Sensor Float Switch Water Level Switch NPN Output

Input voltage (Vin): DC5-12V Current consumption: 5mA Output voltage (low level): 0V Output Current: 1-100mA Response time: 500mS Working environment temperature: 0-85℃Level Error: ±1.5mm Waterproof performance: IP65 Product Features The intelligent non-contact liquid level sensor uses advanced signal processing technology and high-speed signal processing chip to break through the influence of the wall thickness of […]

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Icstation Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor Switch NPN Output I65 Waterproof Pipe Level Sensor Y26 Water Detector DC 5-12V 5mA 500ms

Operating Principle: Intelligent non-contact liquid level sensor is for detecting whether there is liquid by water induction capacitor. When there is no liquid to approach the sensor, sensor will generate certain static capacitance because of the capacitor distribution; when the liquid rises slowly to approach the sensor, the liquid parasitic capacitor will coupling to this […]

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