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WayinTop Automatic Irrigation DIY Kit Self Watering System with Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor 1 Channel 5V Relay Module and Water Pump + 1M Vinyl Tubing for Garden Plant Flower Herb Potted

If you have a window garden and are going to be away from home, or you chronically forget to water your plants, the WayinTop's smart watering kit might be a relatively easy high-tech solution. This kit combines Pump, Tubing, Soil Moisture Sensor and 1Channel 5V Relay Module in one arduino plant watering system, you can […]

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Indoor-Outdoor Moisture Sensor Meter Soil Water Monitor For Plant Garden and Lawn Care

Moisture Sensor lets you know the humidity of your soil. The easy to read graduated dial indicates if the soil is dry, moist or wet so that a lawn or garden can be watered accordingly. Save water with this durable conservation aid. Head / dial constructed of sturdy molded plastic. 8 inch metal stem for […]

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